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Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” 

Louis Pasteur

Here at Loose Primary, we want to foster our children’s natural curiosity about the world around us and how it works. We believe that the scientific understanding and enquiry of our young scientists will play a crucial role in addressing our shared global issues such as climate change. We want our children to experience the wonder in learning about our universe and for them to be awakened to the potential of future discovery.

Science learning at Loose Primary is built around a well-sequenced and knowledge-rich curriculum that ensures prior knowledge is built upon as children move through the key stages. Units on light for example are delivered in Year 4 and then again in Year 6 to ensure that prior learning can be revisited, retrieved and then built upon further. We do not use one single scheme to provide our Science curriculum but instead we use the expertise of our Science Co-ordinator to piece together long term plans based on essential knowledge and then build medium-term plans from these that support teachers in deciding which resources are best used to cover the core knowledge expected.

Alongside delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum we also value and look at the practical skills of scientific enquiry. We encourage the children to ask questions and challenge their findings during scientific experiments. Their subsequent collaborative use of key scientific skills: observation, fair testing, research, grouping and classifying and pattern seeking to make their own discoveries and explanations. Our budding scientists seek to problem solve, create and are always keen to explain their thinking using subject specific vocabulary. We wish to foster an understanding of science and discovery as being for everybody regardless of ability, race, gender or background.


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