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Religious Education

At Loose Primary School we follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for RE in Key Stage one and two. The framework outlines for teachers the minimum expected hours of teaching in RE, and the religious faiths that all children following this curriculum must cover.

For your information the minimum expected teaching hours are:-

KS1(Including EYFS)  - 36 Hours a year

KS2 - 45 Hours a year

The statutory hours of teaching are not inclusive of Collective worship and this therefore cannot be counted as part of the RE yearly taught hours.

Subject Withdrawal

It is the duty of the school to ensure parents are informed of the educational objectives and content of the RE syllabus, therefore this information is available upon request.

In addition to the above it is also the duty of the school to advise that any child can be withdrawn from the RE Curriculum at the request of their parent at any time and at this time the parent must make it clear as to the whether the child is being withdraw from all aspects of the RE Curriculum or specific faiths or teachings.

If you choose to withdraw you child from RE you are not required to provide a reason or explanation.

If a child is withdrawn from the RE curriculum then discussions will need to take place between the parent and class teacher to ascertain the measures necessary where RE is integrated in the curriculum. 

If children are withdrawn from RE the school has a duty to supervise them but not to provide extra work and withdrawn pupils will remain on school premises.

A review of the withdrawal process may be reviewed annually with the parent.

The request for withdrawal of a child from RE and other specific RE integrated lesson does not extend to other areas of the curriculum when spontaneous questioning may lead to religious matters E.g. history or citizenship

Where a child is withdrawn, the law provides for alternative arrangements to be made for RE of the kind the parent wants to be received, this could be provided at school or the pupil could be sent to another school where suitable RE is provided.  If neither approach are practical then the child can be withdrawn for a reasonable amount of time to allow them to attend external RE.

External arrangements for RE are allowed as long as the local authority is satisfied that it does not interfere with school attendance.

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