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At Loose, we believe that learning about religion and from religion is important in order for our children to develop an understanding of each other and of themselves and that religion and belief is an important expression of human experience. Within our curriculum we offer children the opportunity to explore links between different beliefs and religions. One of our global themes is 'Identity and Social Justice' and the importance we place on understanding ourselves and the surrounding people. Our RE curriculum brilliant supports this idea of understanding of all people in the world and their views. 

At the start of Key Stage 1, children begin to look at religions and beliefs by talking about concepts that form the basis of religion and belief systems; belonging, commitment, kindness and forgiveness, to recall facts about different religions and beliefs and begin to use religious vocabulary to explain the significance and meaning of different religious practices.  By the end of Key Stage 2, children will explain how a belief or concept, like forgiveness, resonates with their own life and begin to see how this may differ for other people because of their beliefs or religion and to explain the differences of practices and interpretations between and within different religion and belief systems, weighing up evidence to express their answer. At Losoe, we aim to give our children the tools to explore their own beliefs and values, building on their sense of identity and belonging and sense of community, understanding that a calendar year is punctuated with important times and events when families and communities come together in celebration of gratitude, reflection, love and change.

At Loose, it is our belief that in community lies strength. We aim for our children to explore and experience RE in a way that is indicative of real life, that is insightful and that aims to enhance our children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development. We recognise that faith and religion forms a crucial part of the identity and culture of our community and we want to celebrate our similarities and differences, ensuring that RE links to the personal experiences of our children and to the values we uphold as a school. We encourage and invite our children and families to share and celebrate their culture within school through assemblies, show and tell and class discussion.

To enrich their learning we plan experiences to local libraries, museums and local places of worship to provide our children with a real life perspective into the rich culture of different faiths and religions to develop a more holistic understanding of what they are learning. In addition to external visits, we frequently seek to invite leaders of local places of worship into our school to discuss their religion with our children. 

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