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Parent Council

Our Parent Council was formed in March 2016 to strengthen the school's partnership with parents. It allows for parents to be directly involved with school improvement priorities as well as providing a forum for regular feedback.

The minutes of the Parent Council meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

The following list of parents are our current class representatives and if you would like them to feedback anything (positive or areas to develop) at the next meeting they can be contacted via the main school email address: Please identify the name of your class representative when sending an email so that it can be forwarded on to the correct person.

Parent Council Representatives:

Crystal Class

Laura Wilkins

Pearl Class



Opal Class

Jacqueline Andersen

Diamond Class

Victoria Smith

Moonstone Class

Catherine Milgate &

Kerry Kemmett

Sapphire Class

Nicola Morrell

Aquamarine Class

Nicola Lumbard

Tanzanite Class

Angie Stewart

Turqouise Class

Sophie French

Amber Class


Coral Class

Suzie Day

Jade Class

Katie Hills

Emerald Class


Onyx Class

Anna Herrin

Ruby Class

Kat Drewnicki

Amethyst Class


Sunstone Class

Berenice Pretlove

Topaz Class

Gemma Stroud

Peridot Class

Rachel Haywood

Quartz Class


Zultanite Class