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IOW 2018 Gallery

Day 1 Tuesday 


And we're off! What an excellent start to the week.


We have all arrived safely on The Isle of Wight, making great time, with barely any traffic, to board the 1pm ferry from Portsmouth. Children (and adults) on both coaches have been immaculately behaved and many sweets have been consumed with squashies being the most popular variety. 


After a delicious and long-awaited lunch on the ferry, accompanied by some smoothies, lattes and shakes courtesy of Costa, we arrived at Amazon World as you can see from our photos on our twitter feed. A few of us even had close encounters with the wallabies and lemurs. Luckily the crocodiles, snakes and spiders were securely behind the glass. The adventure playground was very popular and allowed us to do some monkeying around of our own. 


We arrived at Winchester House at about 4pm and quickly settled into our rooms, which for now remain relatively tidy! We have had our fire drill and safety talk. For dinner it was lasagne or veggie chilli followed by a chocolate cupcake. 


We are now enjoying a beautiful view of the sea as we play football, rounders, practise our handstands and make daisy chains. 


Quotes of the day so far: (Always unnamed to protect identities but you know who you are!) 


- We are in the wrong lane. That sign says car ferry and we're a coach! 


When looking at the tamarind monkey... That looks like my grandad! 


- Child - I've lost my wallet. 

Adult - What's that in your pocket? 

Child - Oh... It's my wallet. 


- Can you see past my head? It's massive, isn't it? 


- Please can I have more money? We had only just got on the ferry! 


Day 2: Wednesday


We've settled in and the adventure is well and truly underway!


After a "restful" first night the children were up bright and early for a day that was packed full of excitement and sugar!


After a hearty breakfast, we set out to Blackgang Chine. The weather was glorious and we were treated to endless sunshine! This was the perfect setting for water slides, rollercoasters, mazes and dinosaurs!


From here, we headed off to Alum Bay. The weather remained magnificent as we parked up after a short coach journey outside the impressive 'Needles' of Isle of Wight. Impressive views and more sugar added to the ambience of the visit! Before taking in the breathtaking views that the island had to offer, the children were shown how glass was made into all different shapes, sizes and patterns. This was followed by another tutorial: how sweets are made!


Tonight, the children will feast on their roast dinner and learn some circus skills!


Thus far, the children have really impressed us with their compassion and support that they have shown each other; they have continued to show us that they are fantastic ambassadors for our school.


Some funny/memorable quotes from today:


• when looking at the maze... isn't a A-MAZE-ING • when looking at the mainland... is this England?

• This is my first time on a rollercoaster - ever!


Day 3 Thursday

We slept very well last night - the majority of us needed waking up at 7 this morning (even some of the teachers!) We thoroughly enjoyed pancakes and croissants for breakfast and we then showered, got ready for the day and set off at 9.30 am for Osbourne House.

Once we arrived, we spent the morning touring Queen Victoria's holiday home and found out lots about her family tree. We found out that her grandchildren were the Kings and Queens of Europe at the turn of the century. We then took a trip to Swiss Cottage - the designated cottage for Queen Victoria's children. We even got to try on some traditional Victorian clothes and made the teachers laugh (see our twitter feed  for a giggle!) Before we left, we managed to get a bit of time on Queen Victoria's beach and enjoyed skimming some stones into the sea.
Then we were off to the Donkey Sanctuary where we met 98 very sweet donkeys. We did think some people were going to adopt them and bring them home! Once we were finished there, we headed back to Winchester House for pizza or fish and chips for dinner - yum!
We then made our way to bowling and laser quest for an evening full of fun. The photos say it all - we all had a great time! Some of the teachers got a little competitive during the games of laser quest and tried desperately hard to beat the children!

We are now very tired as we didn't get back until late! Straight to bed for us and up early tomorrow morning for our final day of fun which we will be spending at Robin Hill Adventure Park - we're very excited!
No more posts (only a few Tweets) now as we are home tomorrow and looking forward to seeing our families! See you soon!
The children have all been an absolute pleasure to be with and we have had so much fun with them. As promised, we have the final funny quotes of the trip to make you all laugh:

- Whilst looking around Queen Victoria's dressing room: "I could imagine you sitting here and getting ready, Mrs Makey!"
- Teacher: "We're about to go to the donkey sanctuary and meet 98 adorable donkeys!"
Child: "Oooh, we might see Rudolph!!"