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Day Three

A great day yesterday. Weather was sunny but the breeze a little chilly at times. This tested our organisational and listening  skills "Have you got your coat/ a warm jumper or hoodie in case?" was a good question to respond to or at least to check when children were looking at group leaders in dismay in the glorious sun first thing yesterday.

We were all (!) very tired yesterday - some of us wanting to go to bed after dinner ( yes, some of your children requested a 7pm bedtime!) "No" we cried in delight! We have so may fun things to do tonight!

We were entertained by Trevor and Lucy from the YMCA team for games in the evening but we did offer hot chocolate at 8 and room time from 9 due to so many weary faces. Bliss!  Lights were all out amazingly by 9.30pm.

Today it is 6.30am and I still cannot hear a sound.

Blackgang Chine

We have had a brilliant day in scorching sun. We all had a go in the water slides and loved it, especially the plug hole!  We also loved Cliffhanger - for some of us, this was the first roller coaster we had ever been on. Some of us went on it 5 times!

This afternoon on the way back we stopped at the Donkey Sanctuary where we saw over 50 donkeys being cared for.  The eldest donkeys were over 40 years old - ancient your children said!

Everyone now is getting ready for he BBQ and disco -- we can't wait!

Facts of the day                                                                                                                                                         Blackgang Chine is the first UK theme park ( we think). It is 170 years old!                                                      The theme park is named after a coastal ravine ( a chine).                                                                                       On 11 October 1836,  a cargo ship was wrecked below the site of the park.                                                    The same family still own and run it.                                                                                                                Alexander Dabell founded it.

Quotes of the day                                                                                                                                                            I'm a Siamese twin ( two children in egg)                                                                                                                    I've been hatched ( in dinosaur egg)                                                                                                                               If I had a horse that sounded that bad, I'd sell it! ( singing on coach)

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    IOW 10th June 1
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